2019. Dowen-McKay Lab Retreat

2018. Front Porch at the Carolina Inn

2022. Lab photo on the lawn outside Genome Sciences






Principal Investigator








Lab Manager/Research Specialist



















Graduate Students













































  • Lucy Grossmann (UNC Biology)
  • Michelle Gil Munoz (UNC Biology & Medical Anthropology)
  • Sarah Aleman (McDaniel College, SURE student)

Past Members

  • Ariana Reid (UNC Biology, Chancellor’s Science Scholars Progam)
  • Martina Savage (UNC Q-Bio, 2020)
  • Eliza Liriano (UNC Biology, 2020)
  • Daphne Knudsen (now in grad school, U Maryland)
  • Marc Ryan Jackson (B.S. Psychology, 2018)
  • Nathan Spain (now with VWR)
  • Jaya Kumar (now graduate student, UNC-CH)
  • Brandon Price (now graduate student, UNC-CH)
  • Hannah Ripon (SURE-REU student 2017, Ripon College)
  • Charlie Beales (King’s College London)
  • Yan Kui (Kiran) (Summer Science Lab program student from National University of Singapore)

Business Officer


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